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Is This Our First Look At The New Spider-Man Costume?


I got a tip from a trusted source. The Russo Brothers have started a Twitter account, I was told. They're posting only mysterious photos, close-ups and out of context imagery, from the set of Captain America: Civil War. But I already follow the Russo Brothers, and they have already made one - and only one! - tweet:

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darklordzor2004d ago

Doubtful. Honestly, there's still debate on whether or not that's a real account. Hard to say.

RetrospectRealm2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

What do you mean real account? It's from the Russo's twitter account.

Edit: Nevermind, I'm dumb. Yeah, the pictures do look pretty bad quality and just not really that good. I'm calling it: fake.

colonel1792004d ago

However the costume ends up being, I wish they would animate the eyes so that he can portray emotions just like in the comics and cartoons. I think they are doing that with Deadpool, so maybe it could be possible with Spider Man?

Hroach6162004d ago

Yeah they are doing that with Deadpool. Confirmed. It's pretty awesome. Spider-Man is the only other character I would say to do that for.

dota2champion2004d ago

They should just use the Amazing spider 2 suit. it's perfect enough

Hroach6162004d ago

Meh, I would agree if he didn't have those boots lmao check out the bottom of them. So weird

Porcelain_Chicken2003d ago

How do you see the bottom? As far as what I saw in the movie, the boots looked fine to me.