The 13 Most Powerful Villains In Marvel’s Cinematic Universe


Problems with Superhero movies generally occur when the laws of the world aren’t clearly defined. In a totally made up world, what makes one being more powerful than the next? The rules. The laws of the world. Or the laws of the universe, as Marvel’s case may be.

Seven years after Iron Man, Ant-Man wraps up Marvel’s Phase 2. And in that time, the universe has expanded mightily. One of the nice things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that when viewers speak of the 12 films that currently make up the MCU, we’re dealing with a very big world. Big enough to house evildoers from different galaxies. But are these villains bound together under one universal law?

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Aldous_Snow2014d ago

How did Kurse not make that list? He'd mess them all up with the exception of Thanos.