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Scream: “Aftermath” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Let’s start with the good news: Scream the TV series is getting better with every episode. It’s becoming less of a slog to get through, and there’s more suspense, action, and humor (though mostly unintentional) with every passing episode, something the pilot apparently forgot completely on all bases. The bad news is pretty obvious too though: A better shade of bad is still mostly bad. Last week’s “Wanna Play A Game?” was the most fun (and best) episode of Scream so far, but it was also full of all the stupid series behavior that we have come to know and question. This week’s “Aftermath,” however, finds a way to evoke real emotions out of and for these characters, but it also comes at the expense of the most likable character in the core clique, if not the show as a whole. (No offense to Audrey, but she really is barely a character, and unless she ends up being a major player in this whole serial killer thing, her character could just as easily not exist.)

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