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BoJack Horseman: “Higher Love” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Despite containing numerous discussions of autoerotic asphyxiation, the appearance of J.D. Salinger (voiced by Alan Arkin), and an out-of-work Mr. Peanutbutter, “Higher Love” is a lighter episode of BoJack Horseman. It takes a standard sitcom premise—BoJack says, “I love you,” to his new girlfriend Wanda and worries about the ramifications—and adds an outrageous touch to it, i.e. BoJack threatens to try autoerotic asphyxiation to force Wanda to say, “I love you,” after he accidentally says it first. Though it’s noticeably slighter than the previous episodes this season, “Higher Love” still mostly succeeds because of the comedy, courtesy of writer Vera Santamaria, and like many of the best episodes of BoJack Horseman, it takes absurd ideas and follows them to their logical conclusions.

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