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Mr. Robot: “eps1.43xpl0its.wmv” Review - AVClub

AVClub: People are people. We’re all mostly the same, as Mobley says during his frantic brainstorm with Mr. Robot and Romero in the van, while Elliot waits helplessly for an elevator to escort him out of Steel Mountain. We all tend toward generalization, because we share fundamental qualities. The fact that humanity is primarily defined through society, not through individuality, is analytically important. Because our identities aren’t created in some secret internal chamber, hidden deep within us. No, they’re created in the space between us and the people who surround us. We’re formed intersubjectively; all the parts of me have been shaped by all the parts of everyone else. Simon and Garfunkel were being disingenuous. I am not a rock. You are not an island.

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