The Super Mario Bros Honest Trailer Admits There Are Some Problems


The Screen Junkies series has tackled many sub-par films, so it’s kind of a shocker that it took the producers this long to feature Super Mario Bros. The film starred the late Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as brotherly plumbers, Mario and Luigi. To save a princess (Samantha Matthis) they have to travel to another dimension and release her from the clutches of an evil dictator, King Koopa (Dennis Hopper). Other nods to the video game source material lie in the presence of Toad, Bertha, the fungus growing all over the place, the Goombas, and Yoshi. But overall it was an epic disaster. As the video jokes, these directors took all the acid.

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Paulino302012d ago

What is the point of this article? Everyone knows this movie was bad. I can't believe this article was made just say that the characters where on acid.

Deadpool6162012d ago

I actually liked parts of this movie. Specifically the parts where they were in Brooklyn New York. I would've been fine with watching Mario & Luigi in Brooklyn being plumbers.