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Welcome To Sweden: “Flash Mob/Frieriet” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Welcome To Sweden, much like its main characters, often suffers from a bit of an identity crisis. The best parts of the show aren’t usually the jokes but rather the moments when the writing digs deeply and earnestly into the complications of being in a relationship whose culture is so different from your own. But the problem with Welcome To Sweden is that it wasn’t made for American television. But because NBC picked up the U.S. distribution rights, its stateside run comes with a lot of expectations of what an NBC sitcom should be like. From its peppy transition music to the formulaic structure most episodes follow, there are familiar sitcom components at play. But there’s also a sense that Welcome To Sweden wants to be, and sometimes successfully is, much more nuanced and genre-bending than a half-hour network comedy. As the second season begins, the writers are still struggling to lock down that voice.

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