Humans: “Episode 4” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Until now Humans has had a fairly simple arrangement. There are humans, whom I think we can all agree deserve basic human rights. There are dumb albeit advanced synths, who are programmed to fulfill certain domestic functions but have no real claim to humanity but sure look awfully cute, and that plays on our sympathies in strange ways if we’re not vigilant. And there are five sentient synths, or four and a cyborg or something, but the point is they experience something close enough to humanity, and soft science fiction has been tearing down our walls for long enough, that most of us agree they’re basically human and deserve all the rights (and criminal justice, Niska) as the rest of us. There’s also Odie, who is in the process of circumventing his programming ever so slightly, or maybe it’s just a glitch. But it’s all been pretty straightforward.

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