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UnReal: “Two” Review - AVClub

AVClub: What does love mean to the producers of Everlasting? How do they feel about the notion of fairy-tale romance? Do they believe in it? Do they think it can be attained and maintained?

Though Rachel, Quinn, Chet, and the others haven’t said so explicitly, all signs point to yes. At their core, they are hopeless romantics, which is deeply ironic considering they devote 16-hour days to making “love” out of nothing at all. This is the internal contradiction at the heart of UnREAL, one that reveals another limitation to the show’s nifty, novel concept. The work people do has a profound effect on how they see the world. A cop is bound to have a different perspective than, say, a guy who spends his day inflating bouncy castles for children’s birthday parties. And if someone’s work entails creating the illusion of love where there is none, it’s hard to imagine that person keeping a sunny outlook on the possibility of happily ever after. The love on Everlasting is make-believe, but the cynicism is real.

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