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BoJack Horseman: “Chickens” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Is there anything more madcap than a mission to save a runaway chicken? And is there any better character to go for such a thing than Todd, keeper of the bizarre side plots? Really, the most surprising thing about the entire slapstick affair is that Todd ends up sharing this particular misadventure with Diane, of all people. Sending these two off on a wild goose chicken chase is an unexpected but effective choice. Both characters have been wallowing around, and while Diane’s existential crisis has always been more overt, Todd’s been starting to feel more of the backhanded burn that comes with being a constant burnout. Just this season, he’s tried to make his own Disneyland and be a more confident version of himself that still got pulverized by a single snarky aside from BoJack. It’s always been part of the joke that Todd does his own thing, but “Chickens” lets him lead the A-plot—so it’s fitting that this is the most blatantly weird A-plot the series has done to date.

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