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8 Great Movies Saved By Ridiculously Last Minute Changes


Movies take a long time to make. Like, a ridiculously long time. So long that Matthew McConaughey could go for a two week vacation to that water planet and by the time he got back James Cameron would still be tinkering with the tech he needs to make Avatar 2.

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-Foxtrot2012d ago

"Juggernaut Originally Broke Magneto Out Of Prison, Not Quicksilver – X-Men: Days Of Future Past"

That kind of ruined it for me.

Even though the Quicksilver scene was well shot I didn't care about the version that appeared in the film

But regardless the young Juggernaut scene made much more sense.

When Wolverine says "I know a guy" it makes more sense he's referring to a young Juggernaut then Quicksilver, a guy never mentioned once in all the films so far.

Plus it would have gotten over the plot hole of why they didn't bring Quicksilver along as his fast speed would have been perfect to stop a supposed bullet Mystique was going to fire into Trask. With Juggernaut you could have either had him taken down (someway) by the Government after breaking into a high security place or he could have told them where to go.

You never know aswell, they might have gotten some time to establish the fact he is Charles step brother.

In my opinion, thinking about what could have happened in my head, this scene might have played out quicker allowing Rouge to be featured in the film afterall.

Juggernaut appearing over Quicksilver makes much more sense in the end and Quicksilver just felt forced into it after Joss announced Quicksilver for Age of Ultron