Can Snyder Succeed with Batman v. Superman?


The trailer's impressive, but people still have mixed opinions on Zack Snyder. The Superhero Show addresses concerns about the director and his next project.

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MilkMan2014d ago

Why would it be a failure?
Why is this even a question?
Was Man of Steel a failure?
I'm very confused, in my mind and based on my experience all the DC stuff has been pretty epic.

alycakes2014d ago

I'm sure it's going to be a big blockbuster but I wasn't impressed with the trailer so I'm hoping the movie has more to deliver.

Genki2013d ago

Financially? I think that's a foregone conclusion at this point; comic book movies are so en vogue right now that even Ant-Man is poised to make more money than the entire Blade trilogy.

From a quality standpoint? The jury's still out, and in all fairness, I'd say the same about anybody, as I'm not the type to make silly, lofty guarantees about movies that I haven't seen yet (OMG this movie *WILL* be so awesome!!!!). Still, there's something to be said about his shaky track record, and that is what gives me pause when approaching this movie. I'll put it this way - I'm not expecting much, but I'd love to be pleasantly surprised.

aDDicteD2013d ago

we will never know the real answer until it opens next year.

the trailer looks great, there are some very minor mistakes in the man of steel that i think snyder will not commit the second time around.

i do think they have a good plot and this film will definitely make money. it will be a commercial success but will it be a critically good and memorable movie? it is hard to tell because for that to be accomplished the film should be perfect in all angles especially the actors/actresses that will play the main roles. a lot will depend on how good jesse eisenberg can play luthor and gal gadot should also be convincing as wonder woman, if both of them fail then this franchise will be in trouble.