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Rectify: “Thrill Ride” Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Thrill Ride” does for Teddy what Rectify does for Daniel. It’s a close-up, attuned to all the little things that make him Teddy, the nickname, the history, the petty grievances. We see him through Tawney’s memory, we see the connections between Ted Sr. and his son, and the editing explicitly parallels Teddy with his new rival Daniel. Both of them are alone and idle, both wind up blasting the stereo, both pass the time by dancing. Daniel’s “What should I do?” dance montage is about the most entertaining thing that’s ever happened on Rectify until Teddy shows us all how it’s done, cutting a rug through his house to “Stomp And Holler.” But Daniel is in some ways at a distance. His personality has always been different, as they say, and his two decades on Death Row is almost incomprehensible for most of us. Teddy, on the other hand, is all too familiar.

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