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'Trainwreck' Review | The Reel Roundup

TRR: If you know Amy Schumer from her hit Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer, you'll know that she isn't the type to play the prototypical rom-com female lead. And in director Judd Apatow's latest, Trainwreck, she definitely stays true to form. As Amy Townsend, a commitment-phobic New York magazine writer who prefers to hit it and quit it, she drinks, parties and tokes up like nobody's business. But when her taskmaster editor assigns her to write a profile on humanitarian and sports doctor Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), Amy finds herself wanting to leave behind her old ways and settle down. Yep, in some ways, Trainwreck is just like every other romantic comedy you've ever seen. And yet, in other ways, it's totally different, thanks to how the movie brilliantly and hilariously reverses gender roles. Otherwise, Trainwreck delivers exactly what you might expect from an Apatow production. It has a ton of laugh-out-loud moments, a smattering of gross-out jokes, and plenty of heart. The end result is a movie that's far from what its title implies. If anything, the Amy Schumer train is only now just pulling out of the station, and everyone should want to be on-board.

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