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Michael Cera To Voice Robin In 'Lego Batman'


Michael Cera has inked a deal to voice-star as Robin, Batman’s partner-in-crimefighting, in Lego Batman, Warner Bros.’ spinoff of The Lego Movie.

The film reunites much of the behind-the-brick talent from Lego Movie and features Will Arnett returning as the voice of the Dark Knight.

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-Foxtrot2014d ago

It's shocking but hey look on the bright side least it's not Batman vs Superman

I honestly thought it was with the way an article was titled on facebook. My phone was small so it just said "Michael Cera Cast As Robin in Batman..."

Nearly had a heart attack

But yeah, it's a shame but least he won't have to grace us with his same old crappy acting. I honestly wonder how he became this popular to be honest, although I think being a background character on Arrested Development helped.

04roacht2013d ago

If he was playing a live action Robin in BvS then we would have a real issue on our hands.

Yi-Long2012d ago

I believe this is great casting. Just imagine Batman being all dark and serious, and Michael Cera being Michael Cera as Robin, just bouncing off that with dead pan retorts and arguing over the plan of action, complaining about the outfit, etc etc.

I actually believe this would work really really well, unless they completely mess up in the writing department.

StarWarsFan2012d ago

I think it's safe to say Robin is going to be a wimp.