'X-Men: Apocalypse': 5 EW Exclusive Photos


EW has 5 exclusive images from the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv32015d ago

Why bother going out and getting Oscar Isaac if you are just going to hide him under so many layers of make up and costume? It could just be a case of bad set photos, but this is looking really campy in a bad way. Psylock looks spot on, and I love the idea that we are finally getting a Mohawk-ed storm, but is that glitter on her cape? Fucking glitter!?

ironfist922014d ago

That looks nothing like Apocalypse, all.

Aldous_Snow2014d ago

Thats Singers version of Apocalypse?? Pardon my Irish, but that's fucking pathetic!! He's supposed to be massive for a start, and not look like an old man.

Singer is as stale as Michael Bay. Time they fired his ass and got someone to breathe new blood into this franchise. He messed the entire thing up with so many plotholes, then tried to fix it with DoFP and made it even worse.

Aldous_Snow2014d ago

Just to add... They've made Apocalypse look like a Power Rangers villian rather than a total badass as he should be.


cell9892014d ago

I waited years for one of my fave villains to finally make it to the big screen and this is what I get? he looks ridiculous and old and weak and unimpressive and lame and short and fat. They always have to Fu** up something, nothing can ever be perfect. I hope they dont do this to Thanos

ironfist922013d ago

But..we've already seen Thanos...

cell9892011d ago

he definitely looks menacing and badass, but Im still crossing my fingers they dont ruin his persona

boing12014d ago

CG Apocalypse will come later. Hopefully.

aDDicteD2012d ago

apocalypse looks like ivan ooze
it is debatable that some of the castings were bad choices.
until now they cannot get the costumes right for most of the characters.

i really like this movie to work because the last two x mens were really good but this third part looks to ruin it once again.

in case this movie will be entertaining for the sake of debate because it might be saved by good actings coming from the veteran actors and actresses i think this would not really be as epic as it is suppose to be. i mean look at marvel and the infinity wars with thanos, apocalypse is the x mens version of thanos and everything will just be probably an entertaining film instead of an epic film.

in case the film would not deliver well, chances are marvel might eventually get this franchise back, although as of now fox is still good but if apocalypse will be as disastrous like electro in spiderman then i think x men is beyond repair with good films then bad films then good films again and ultimately have another bad film, it would look like it will be inconsistent not like marvel and the avengers who only have three mediocre films, one bad film and all the rest are good not mentioning some movies are epic good.