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The Flash: Former WWE Superstar Edge Is Playing That Masked Villain In Season 2


We still don't know the identity of the metal-headed bruiser glimpsed in these initial set snaps, but we do know who's playing him. A couple of new pics reveal that it's none other than former WWE champion Adam Copeland, AKA Edge...

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Aldous_Snow2013d ago

The Overated R Superstar... Bitch, please!! Suprised it wasn't The Rock again considering he has been in every movie and TV show ever created for the past 5 years. So I suppose I'm thankful it's not him.

Wrestlers turned actors are just generally shit all round.

aDDicteD2010d ago

i liked edge as a wrestler entertainer but i dont know if he would be a good choice being a part in the flash even if he is playing just a thug in a single episode. except the rock dwayne johnson i dont remember any wrestler who can go in the big screen or small screen being really effective trying to portray a character not like their in ring persona.