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Marvel's Spider-Man Meets The Punisher


This Instagram photo is bound to raise a lot of questions surrounding the new Spider-Man and Punisher of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it features actors Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal hanging out!

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Had an amazing time hanging with this guy. Much love brother. #pilgrimage #brothers.

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04roacht2016d ago

I hope this is not for Civil War

Crazay2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

It;d be pretty badass to see a TV/Film crossover in my mind. Like how effin sweet would it be to have SPidey and Daredevil team up in Daredevil then finish it off whatever bad guy they were fighting in a movie. Just another vehicle to sell movie tickets.

I'd really like to know just how deep and what are the financial details of this joint venture? And how long until we see X-Men become a part of it for some sort of epic grand movie series like the Secret Wars or something with the skrulls and their clones (I don't think that's the same thing - is it?)

04roacht2015d ago

I watched Daredevil and I was amazed by it. It was so good. And the fact it is in the same canon as the MCU is a little disappointing as I think the show could carry itself. With Punisher being in Season 2 and potentially being in Civil War means that they are crossing over and I think DD is too good for the Marvel films. Not that I don't like them but I just think DD surpassed what the MCU is. And at the end of the day the audience are not stupid. We know it's all connected so we don't have to be spoon fed this.

RetrospectRealm2015d ago

I completely disagree. While DD is good, it isn't THAT good. When I think back, I really don't think of anything that was better than the MCU except maybe the fight scenes. Kingpin still was an "eh" badguy. I have no idea why people try to claim he was a fleshed out kind of guy because he had a ton of screen time, he was still iffy.