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Actor Jesse Eisenberg Clarifies Comic-Con Genocide Comments

AP: Jesse Eisenberg said that he was using hyperbole when he compared the Comic-Con experience to "genocide" late Tuesday afternoon.

The actor previously said the experience of facing screaming fans at Comic-Con was "terrifying."

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Porcelain_Chicken2011d ago

Tsk tsk Eisenberg. You're no longer filming, no need to keep up the arrogant villain personality anymore lol. It was very obviously hyperbole or your very own brand of dry humor but it was still an odd comment. Rivaling Micheal Douglas's "comic-con fanboys are a bunch of macrobiotic freaks" kerfuffle.

Keep it together guys!

04roacht2011d ago

its still poor taste saying genocide

Porcelain_Chicken2010d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure what he was thinking. He could have stopped at "I was scared of the screaming crowds" but he had to add those weird comments. I'll chalk it up to him being weird. XD

Garethvk2006d ago

This is why he is widely disliked by people. He is getting a reputation for being difficult in Hollywood as well as for being petty.