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Movies Aren't Getting Worse

CinematicRamblings: As a film student in Portland, Oregon, not a week goes by that some hipster stereotype doesn’t mindlessly blurt out that movies "just aren’t made like they used to be". They long for the drama of the 40’s and the blockbusters of the 80’s. This special brand of hipster often buys and collects old VHS tapes with the same nostalgia as a music lover buying vinyl records, an odd thing to do, since vinyl is a collector’s item because on it’s best day it still has equally if not better sound quality than a CD, and certainly better than an MP3 download. VHS on the other hand has famously terrible video and audio, and what’s worse, it crops every movie to fullscreen, leaving the viewer with around half the intended image. It’s literally distorting and hacking away at the director’s vision. But I digress. Some film aficionados look at the landscape of big blockbusters like Transformers or Fast & Furious dominating the box office and get nostalgic for a time when the number one movies were something like Jaws or Back to the Future, a time with more originality and innovation. But I contend that movies are just as good as ever.

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