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Ballers "Heads Will Roll" Review - IGN

IGN: "Heads Will Roll" dug a little deeper inside Spencer's potential medical problems while also giving us some overly-silly stuff about Charles trying to dodge a sexy fan's texts and advances.
I didn't mention it in my review from a few weeks back, but Charles' arc comes with these very heightened moments that are supposed to be funny, but aren't. What began back when Charles and his wife broke a living room table seconds after he wondered aloud about getting too fat (which I do remember groaning a bit at) continued this week with Charles imagining the sultry advances of this random party girl, seeing her beckoning him into her bedroom in his mind. It just played too goofy. And I also don't really buy, based on what I've seen from him, that Charles would be a guy who'd consider cheating in such a quick and easy way when his home life is supposedly great.

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