Wayward Pines: "The Friendliest Place..." Review - IGN

IGN: It's official. The residents of Wayward Pines have changed their tune from the idyllic, happy townsfolk we were introduced to in the pilot, and have suddenly become fearful captives who whisper and cry in the night. It's a far cry from six episodes ago when they were chasing Beverly with pitchforks in a bid to bring her to the town square for a reckoning, cheering and happy for the bloodshed. Or from the way they treated Ethan when he first left the hospital, pretending to be a happy lot with nothing to worry about under the surface. Of course, the death of Sheriff Pope and public bombings are bound to change anyone's opinion, I suppose. It just seems like suddenly there are a lot of people involved in this conspiracy to tear down the wall to freedom.

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