The Brink: "I'll Never Be Batman" Review - IGN

IGN: At the rate we're going, does anyone else see the world exploding by the time this series is done? The Brink continues its satirical romp through foreign politics with Sunday's "I'll Never Be Batman," once again placing Tilson and Taylor in the air where they were almost immediately under attack. But not before Tilson could continue last week's debate of whether he should be with Ashley in L.A. or Gail in San Francisco, making a hilarious mockery of every romance flick ever while the chaos went on around him outside. The Batman analogies, (comparing himself to Bruce Wayne and Batman, as he planned to lead a double life with the two women and three children) were pretty much perfect, especially with Taylor's running commentary in the background. At this point I would watch a show just featuring those two and their shenanigans, since Pablo Schreiber and Eric Laden play so incredibly well off each other.

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