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Odd Mom Out: “Sip’n See” Review - AVClub

AVClub: This week, Jill is forced to throw a “Sip’n See” party for Brooke after Candace bails on the obligation. I had to look up this term—apparently, new mothers sometimes face stress when friends decide to drop by unannounced to greet new babies. Moms host Sip’n See parties for their friends where they serve cocktails and introduce their friends to their little ones in a relatively controlled environment. Many women consider these to be casual events, sometimes using them as excuses to skip more ostentatious baby showers. Meanwhile, people like Brooke go all out so they have yet another excuse to celebrate their babies, themselves, and every single step involved in establishing a nuclear family. There aren’t many surprises in the show’s depiction of the event; of course, it’s over the top, Brooke’s vapid friends are only interested in inappropriate conversation, and Brooke herself proves to be incapable of handling a party and her own baby.

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