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Teen Wolf: “Condition Terminal” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Never has an exchange between the hero of Teen Wolf and its season’s villain been more applicable than in the case of that one. “Why did you do that?” and “Failure!“ are absolutely the appropriate reactions to this week’s episode, and quite frankly, they come out of nowhere, even given the season’s weak start. “Condition Terminal” is not just a bad episode of Teen Wolf, it’s a bad episode of television. On the other hand, it’s probably not the worst episode of television to ever exist, but it is absolutely the worst episode of Teen Wolf. This feels strange to say, given that this isn’t even an episode from Teen Wolf’s worst season, season four (check the reviews); even that season never reached the lowest of lows. But the worst episodes of season four were also the big time episodes of the season, the premiere and finale, and they bombed on those scales. “Condition Terminal” is just another episode of the week, and it’s one that could easily be removed from the rest of the series without question, one that probably should be removed from the rest of the series. It’s “Why did you do that?” and “Failure!” in episode form, in a different way than when Derek Hale turned into a wolf and “evolved,” because it’s completely useless in addition to all those complaints.

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