Another Period: “Pageant” Review - AVClub

AVClub: It’s pretty impressive that there are only even four episodes of Another Period at this point. This is a very confident show that already feels so very lived in, to the point where it barely feels like a brand new show. No, it instead feels like it’s been around the block for a bit like a Key & Peele or a Drunk History, keeping fresh and cranking out era-specific jokes that can still work in a contemporary context. All in four vulgar, zany episodes. Episodes two and three followed a fairly linear narrative in the transition from divorce to funeral, while “Pageant” is a filler episode in comparison. Even as such, it manages to fill the episode with so many jokes that there’s no reason to really question the episode’s place in the greater story. We get more of unconscious Albert and Victor’s relationship with his doctor, but the main plot doesn’t need to worry about the ongoing world around it.

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