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SDCC Is Still Relevant, But Not For the Same Reasons

From Cinelinx:

Between major movie studios passing up the event, footage being released online (or leaked), and a general lack of MAJOR reveals, this year’s SDCC felt a little more subdued than usual. As it has over the past years, discussion about the continued relevancy of San Diego Comic-Con has been tossed. I think that’s a little over dramatic, but not entirely off the mark. SDCC is still an important event, though not for the same reasons.

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killbillvolume122018d ago

IMHO i wish they would offer a VOD service sort of like blizzcon for all the conferences. I would happily pay for that since i live in Australia... They would also make a shitload of money but ahh well.

ironfist922018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Just livestream the bloody thing, not everyone lives in America, but it seems Film Studios tend to forget that

They can do it for E3, theyre idiots not to do it for CC