Final Fantastic Four Trailer Adds a Lot More Doom

From Cinelinx:

This morning, 20th Century FOX has released their final movie trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot which steps up the action in a big way, and pays more attention to the film's iconic villain.

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Aldous_Snow2021d ago

Trailer came on TV the other day. Looks terrible. Going over the same shit as before.. Seems like a case of Sony & Spiderman, meaning they throwing any old shit together before the license expires. It's going to flop and it's going to flop hard...

Would love to see the Surfer & Galactus in the MCU.. But will never happen because of those ass clowns Fox

Shakes fist!!

crxss2019d ago

Do you hate Deadpool too?

darklordzor2021d ago

I don't know, I liked it. It doesn't look the same as the previous films at all, which is probably why I'm interested. I've never cared for FF in the comics, and seeing the differences in the trailer has me more interested because of it.

-Foxtrot2021d ago

Still not enough despite the fact it's blood Doom...he should have a huge presence

Still looks bad.

It looks like he wanted to do a "spiritual" successor to Chronicle and then slapped F4 onto it when he landed the job

Plus 3 out 4 of them are badly cast.

darklordzor2021d ago

I'll say that I'm more willing to give it a chance than I was initially. I'm going to be heading into it with some low expectations however.

MilkMan2020d ago

Exactly how does this movie look bad. If this was ANY other movie with no reference whatsoever to Fantastic Four there would be nerd orgasms all over the Internets.
Let me guess, black Johnny Storm hurting your private areas? No "rocket ship" going off into silly space giving them powers?

Sad really cause I see this trailer and I get excited for the fun I might have.

Guess we seeing different things.

Stringerbell2020d ago

Pretty much. I'm hyped that this is Josh Trank directing, as I absolutely loved Chronicle.

KingPin2020d ago

milkman, you just answered your own questions.

if this was any other movie with no reference to F4 it would be a good movie..possibly, but thats not the case. this movie is a direct reference to F4 and so it has certain criteria it needs to follow in order to make it a good F4 movie. it doesnt, so as a F4 movie it will probably suck. if the movie was called Super awesome foursome well then alright, nerdgasms would be expected.

put it this way, the lone ranger didnt suck if you went in expecting a western that didnt reference the lone ranger. but the fact that you went in expecting to see the lone ranger, that movie was complete balls.

LeShin2019d ago

A good movie is a good movie. Doesn't matter if it stays close to the source material and turns out to be trash. There a lot of things in comics that don't translate well to the big screen (spandex anyone? :-)) Nolans Batman series wasn't 100% the same as it's source but are highly regarded movies. That's why it did so could be also appreciated by people who weren't necessarily Batman fans.

The Lone Ranger just plain out sucked regardless.

Porcelain_Chicken2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I just dislike the way the cast seemingly has no chemistry judging by what we've seen. These are all brilliant actors who shouldn't appear to be phoning in anything. The few scenes we've seen between Reed and Sue seem lifeless and race aside, Johnny doesn't seem quite Johnny-ish. I'm staying positive and will watch this eventually but I will keep my expectations in check and my mind open.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32019d ago

I'll admit that by judging by the trailer the movie does appear to be missing a certain wow factor, but I don't think it has to follow the comic verbatim to be successful. It can still do justice to the fantastic four while carving its own path, considering a lot of what makes the comic popular is still intact.

Josh Trank actually has a vision for his movie. He has described it as a dark amblim picture, and those of us that have fond memories of movies like Hook and The Goonies have plenty of reason to be excited. I would sooner spend my money on this movie than Ant Man, which has plenty of it's own deviations from the source material, but doesn't seem to be nearly as inspired.

calis2019d ago

People said the same about X-MEN: DOFP. That it was going to be "yet another Wolverine" movie and it's one of the best comic book movies made.

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