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Suicide Squad Footage Release Statement Issued By Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. as issue an official statement regarding the Suicide Squad footage leaked from Comic-Con Internatonal: San Diego.

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RetrospectRealm2025d ago

Seriously? Who gives a shit? Just release it right after so you don't have to waste time taking down crappy leaks.

Crazay2025d ago

Exactly - the whole Comic Con exclusivity thing it BS in this day and age. charge broadcaster the right to love stream events. make some extra $$$ and get the fuck over yourselves. SDCC visitors aren't the only people interested in seeing what you have to show.


RetrospectRealm2025d ago

I read about some people who went to the Suicide Squad panel and saw the footage then complained when they released it online since it wasn't exclusive to them anymore. You can guess my reaction to that.

dota2champion2025d ago

Didn't they learn their lesson with the first leaked trailer of Dawn of Justice? I hope they don't do this shit a 3rd time.

Aldous_Snow2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Hopefully the Harley Quinn/Joker sex tape is leaked within the next few days..

Counting on you Margot... Do not let me down.

ironfist922025d ago

If you want to give something exclusive to Comic Con fans, show them a couple minutes of actual footage from the film, but give the rest of the world the trailer.

DillyDilly2024d ago

They should think of it this way. The people waiting in line to see that footage. Will likely wanna see it again & again Releasing it online allows that to happen

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