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Suicide Squad SDCC Trailer Officially Released Online

From Cinelinx:

While it was supposed to be a treat for those in attendance at Comic-Con, leakers have spread the bootleg version of the Suicide Squad footage online. Though angry about the leak, Warner Bros. has decided to release the trailer online for everyone to enjoy!

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darklordzor2014d ago

Love it. The more I watch it, the more I love it. Feels different from other comic book movies, even though it has some off the wall shit in it.

Porcelain_Chicken2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Agreed. I feel creeped out. A lot of weirdness in that trailer. Glad they are fully embracing the psychosis of some of these characters. Guns, demonic signs and whatnot. Has the rating been confirmed as R?

darklordzor2014d ago

Probably too early for that, but yeah, I'm digging how much they are embracing the crazy in this film.

3-4-52013d ago

Both this and Batman v Superman look a lot better than I thought they would.

* I hear like 20% of Heath Ledger's Joker voice within the way leto's talks but it feels different enough and not cheesy enough to work.

Aldous_Snow2014d ago

Doesn't look too bad actually. Better than I thought it would though still not sold on Will Smith at all.

So what is the story? A government agency releases and assembles the Suicide Squad to fight who and achieve what? Obviously goes wrong as Joker takes no orders from anyone.. so whats it actually about?

Defectiv3_Detectiv32014d ago

Joker isn't part of the group, he's the catalyst for the group forming. He serves as the antagonist.

Crazay2014d ago

SO you figure he's the big bad in this movie? Interesting... I didn't think of that angle. I just figured he was there to establish he was there.

dota2champion2014d ago

You should watch the Sucide Squad animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham.

N0TaB0T2013d ago

I'm loving that Joker. Truly classic representation here.