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New Look At 'Batfleck' In The Desert From Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Remember that snippet in the latest Batman v Superman trailer with the Caped Crusader being grappled in the desert? Well, a new photo has been released with a closer look at Ben Affleck in the sandy cowl.

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Crazay3269d ago

That is an awesome picture. I really can't wait to see this movie.

Porcelain_Chicken3269d ago

This is a reply to your reply further down. I think an alternate timeline can work once Flash is introduced. An adaptation of Flashpoint Paradox can be amazing if done properly and I can see it fitting into this bleaker tone DC is setting up. I mean you wouldn't cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne if you weren't leaving the possibility open for a Flashpoint adaptation later on! XD

Crazay3269d ago

It can't and won't work in this film. Not until a proper timeline and background is developed with ALL the characters. You can;t just be like - Ok, you remember superman and the destruction he has with zod. Well this dude , his name is bruce wayne and hes super cheesed cause he was there for these events and someone he cares about died.

Oh see that cute brunette who's dressed super nice? She's a demi-god. She's moderately pissed but we're not sure why and that massive dude with the long hair, He's in charge of the 7 seas and ultra pissed about the world engine fucking shit up...and then add btw - this is barry allen - he can run fast and take us all to an alternate timeline cause.. well... cause our writers say so.

No way. not happening. I like you chicken but that shiz won't happen and shouldn't happen.

Porcelain_Chicken3267d ago

Well of course I didn't mean start with Flashpoint Paradox right off the bat. And again I didn't say in BvS. It was an eventually kinda thing. In a world where aliens, gods, and magical beings alike share the same world I find it odd that you feel like alternate timelines is the thing they'd shy away from.

darklordzor3269d ago

God, I love this picture so much. Mostly because it's another look at that weird dream sequence Batman that looks badass.

gangsta_red3269d ago

Anyone else think that this Batman shown looks like the Gaslight Batman?

Which makes me think there will be some alternate timeline or other time travel storyline going on with this movie.

Porcelain_Chicken3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

It does resemble gaslight Batman a bit but I doubt they'll delve into alternate realities in this movie. Probably just a wink to the comics. Kinda like The Dark knight returns Batman shot.

The pic looks badass though.

Crazay3269d ago

ya there won't be any alternate timeline things. Maybe a dream sequence, or flashback... no alternate timelines though it wouldn't work and audiences wouldn't go for it.

ZaWarudo3269d ago

It reminds me of Red Son Batman.

level 3603269d ago

Think Batman vs Superman is going to be an epic movie experience.

Top image in that article.

ironfist923269d ago

Thought it was the Red Sun batman at first, then looked like Damien Wayne Batman.

Looks awesome af tho.

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