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The Brink: “I’ll Never Be Batman” Review - AVClub

AVClub: “I’ll Never Be Batman” is a mostly bland, occasionally funny episode of The Brink, a mostly bland, occasionally funny television show. If you happen to like The Brink and its heightened farcical world, then there’s going to be plenty to like in the episode. If you find The Brink to be a distasteful bore that trades in smug potshots-disguised-as-satire, then “I’ll Never Be Batman” will only fuel your loathing. But if you’re like me and land somewhere in between those two extremes, you’re stuck with an episode that’s not good enough to satisfy but not bad enough to condemn. “I’ll Never Be Batman” is an episode of television that begins and ends without any fanfare, even though it literally begins with a urinary tract threatening to burst and ends with a cow stepping on a landmine.

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