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Enter The B-Team: Who's Left For Marvel And DC To Adapt?


Both Disney/Marvel and Warner Bros./DC have mined their respective rosters to line-up an impressive array of movie adaptations, with films slotted into release dates right up until 2020 and beyond. But with many of the frontline heroes now spoken for and lower tier characters starting to emerge, who of each universe's heavy-hitters are left? And who will the comic factories turn to next?

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-Foxtrot2015d ago

They could easily introduce Captain Britain if they did a Blade series.

darklordzor2015d ago

So funny to see the talk of "B" team, as if people forget that Iron Man was pretty much ALWAYS a B-lister for the comics before he got his own movie.

Aldous_Snow2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Have all the DC movies been announced already? Only know of BvS and Suicide Squad...