Who Won San Diego Comic-Con 2015?


Another San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest gathering of pop culture, movies, celebrities and general nerdiness of the year, is in the books. And boy, what a con it was! There were surprises and stars aplenty, along with the usual new trailer, fantastic cosplays and heartwarming acts of fandom.

Though everyone gets a participation prize — thanks for playing! — we can’t help but have our favorites. Here’s MTV News’ rundown of who won Comic-Con 2015.

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WizzroSupreme2014d ago

Batman V Superman might've lit the Internet on fire, but it's Star Wars that's gonna own the box office this winter.

aDDicteD2009d ago

batman vs superman blew the competition thanks to ben affleck.

suicide squad also had a very very good trailer.

deadpool looks so promising.