Will Comic Con Leaks Of ‘Suicide Squad’ And ‘Deadpool’ Stop Studios From Showing Exclusive Footage?

Deadline: Saturday was a rocking day for Comic-Con fans of big studio tentpole films, but the actions of a couple of copyright-thieving weasels who pirated and posted exclusive Hall H movie footage has major studios reconsidering showing exclusive sizzle reels in the future.

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Crazay2026d ago

whatever - walk it off you babies. Excluding people from seeing footage is bullshit and everyone knows it but the people who actually attend these events. Why not make it a bigger better Con by permitting live streams and broadcast rights? E3 does it and it sure as hell isn't hurting them. In fact - I'd wager to say that they're better bigger and stronger than ever before because of that.

-Foxtrot2025d ago

Hopefully. You can now include X-men Apocalypse to that list

They are there to show off their films for the first time and instead of showing all of us they'd rather just show people who are there. I mean fair enough they've actually went to comic con but I think all of us would if we could but obviously have things in our life's which stop us like money, time, location...maybe all three. It's not like our local comic cons are the same.

Although saying that people who do attend get other goodies aswell so it's not like showing the trailers to everyone is going to tick them off that something they thought was an exclusive is now not.

At least stream everything online.

Soldierone2025d ago

The thing goes beyond that too. I've tried to get tickets the past two years and simply couldn't due to it being sold out. Now lets say I do get tickets, that just one hurdle.... now I have to get in Hall H and guess what I have to waste an entire day of CC sitting in line just to do that.... and even then I'll be lucky. (I heard this year people sat outside over night.....)

SDCC will tout these huge numbers, but people should realize only a few thousand are actually in the room seeing these trailers. How does it make business sense to invite your stars, host a panel, and release a trailer in front of 6000 people when you have 130k sitting outside, and probably triple that waiting online at minimum?

These same companies will drop millions on a superbowl ad to target this many people, now they have an opportunity to not only hit that big of an audience but THEIR EXACT DEMOGRAPHIC and they don't want to? It makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

-Foxtrot2025d ago

Never really thought about all that. Good catch

The thing is like E3 is to gamers, SDCC is the "superbowl" of Films, TV shows and Comics. It should be streamed and the trailers should be online soon after

I mean we have to wait 3 weeks for the Deadpool trailer despite it being leaked.

Soldierone2025d ago

I think it's totally stupid business wise to make it "exclusive" anyways. The only reason I could use (to back up the idea) is a studio like WB that wants to spread out their trailers. For example release Suicide Squad a little bit later than BvS so they don't compete.

Yet locking it down to just the con is stupid to me still. SDCC for example is going to sell out no matter what. Those of us that want to (and can) go still can't because it sells out.... so why punish us even more? Next why would you cut out an audience when you are the center of attention? You have every entertainment media outlet there is looking at you, and even regular news and talk shows, and you decide "meh, cut em out!" WHAT? People spend MILLIONS to get that type of attention (look at the superbowl) and you don't want it? YEAH RIGHT!

Part of me thinks they love the "leaks" because it gives them more attention in a way.

The absolute only people that benefit from this is SDCC itself because they feel keeping it exclusive gets people in the door. For everyone else they are simply missing out on advertising and it's insane that they let it happen....