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Did Man Of Steel Just Became A Work Of Genius?

So have you recovered from arguably the finest trailer of the decade with Batman Vs. Superman? After numerous watches, it seems that Zack Snyder's new movie could potentially be elevating 2013's sub-par Man Of Steel to masterpiece levels. How? Have a look and see what you think!

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Porcelain_Chicken2020d ago

I think it will definitely be appreciated a little more. If this movie really is amazing I think people will see Man of Steel in a different light. Whether this was planned or not doesn't matter in the long run but what they were able to spin it into does.

When writers come up with a character for a comic his or her beginning middle and end aren't set in stone, they come up with it as they go. This is no different.

04roacht2020d ago

I liked Man of Steel. I didn't like everything in it but oh well you never like everything. I think the fact that it is part of something much bigger now puts its events into context so it should be more coherent and fit into a sage rather than just being something standalone.

WizzroSupreme2020d ago

It became a decent Batman movie, that's for sure.

TheLumilounge2020d ago

Would you consider Batman Vs Superman more of a Batman set up then? Just intrigued to see where you think the franchise is going....

-Foxtrot2020d ago

Kind of...which is silly because it's Batman, do you really need to set up a film for him.

You could literally have his first film with him going face to face with a lesser known villain and it's box office would skyrocket.

Porcelain_Chicken2020d ago

No it's very much still a Superman movie. The focus is on Superman. Even the Batman scenes are very much 'Batman being focused on Superman'. The worlds eyes are on Superman. It will set-up this new Batman for sure but I feel it will still be very much Superman centric, that much is obvious. Especially considering how Henry Cavill was on set for a lot longer than Affleck was.

And no Wizzro, Man of Steel wasn't a Batman movie that's a ridiculous statement. We all knew when this was announced that the effects of MoS would affect the other heroes. That's like saying a random civilian was taking a dump during the events of MoS so that movie was set-up for 'man taking a dump'.

WizzroSupreme2020d ago

Batman's name coming first in the title is no coincidence and while, yes, Superman may provide the center emblem here, it's Batman's motivations that the film is looking to explore – Superman has virtually none beyond his own self-righteousness, which they play off very well in the trailer.

The fact that we're getting a solo Batman film before a true Man of Steel sequel speaks volumes. Even Affleck himself spoke about the film being more a Batman story featuring Superman as the object of Batman's rage. And while Superman's just starting out as the kid on the block, Batman already has a rich history they're exploiting.

Avalanche2020d ago

No. its a guarantee that they wrote BvS because people hated how Man of Steel ended. NO CHANCE IN HELL they wrote the destruction knowing all along the plot for the next movie.

TheLumilounge2020d ago

There is probably a higher chance that Snyder went way too far over the top for Man Of Steel, but I reckon he still had the whole relationship thing planned out in his head. BvsS is massive, so he must have known about it before Man Of Steel was out I think.

I can totally see where your view is coming from, but wouldn't you say that, even if the script was completely rewritten to correct MOS's problems, the whole context and feeling of Man Of Steel will change once BvsS comes out?

-Foxtrot2020d ago

"they wrote the destruction knowing all along the plot for the next movie"

Kind of comes across that the main point of this film is to create a story to fix the wrongs so they can then turn around and go "YOU SEE....This is why Man of Steel was like that".


"but I reckon he still had the whole relationship thing planned out in his head"

Doubtful he was going to do Man of Steel 2 before this.

TheLumilounge2020d ago

It does seem that there is a lot in this film that is looking to correct MOS and who can blame them! It's quite refreshing to see a studio almost criticising.

I think the reason I hold onto a glimmer that it was planned is that the superhero dynamic is much different here than The Dark Knight Returns and it feels a little too neat to be a random 180degree script rewrite! It's probably a fanboy hope though.

I don't think that a Man Of Steel 2 was planned, but supposing DC already have a full movie schedule to about 2020, I doubt Snyder was unaware of BvsS existence at the time of filming. I believe the production did hinge on the success of MOS though. Either way, it's interesting to see how MOS is going to be received differently after the big film is released!

KingPin2020d ago

for the most part from what we seen so far, yes. but trailors can be deceiving.

Soldierone2019d ago

Being honest the movie already lead into this direction. Yes BvS is encouraging it, but people were attacking Man of Steel for the destruction and him "killing" Zod. Superman felt the negative side of what he was doing, it just wasn't strong enough. Now he will feel it and they went that route, with good reason.

To me it won't change MoS, I liked the movie and already got this idea from it. I just think its cool they are carrying that idea to BvS.