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First Full Suicide Squad Trailer Leaks Online; Cast Assembles In New Promo Images


"Justice has a bad side," is the tagline of the first trailer for Suicide Squad which has just leaked online after being shown at San Diego Comic-Con, where the director and cast were all in attendance.


here's another link for the video.

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Crazay2017d ago

Not bad - Sure hope to hell that they release this properly

-Foxtrot2017d ago

They look like generic mercenaries. That unique style each one of them brings to the team in the comic is gone.

The whole realistic, gritty approach doesn't work for this at all. They should have made a film outside the cinematic Universe they have which is less serious and more colourful.

Plus I love Jared but I'm not digging his Joker very much, the design is just awful. Why keep the tattoos and silver teeth. He looks like some Marilyn Manson die hard fan who missed a concert and went on a killing spree

Porcelain_Chicken2016d ago

Generic mercs? Where have you seen mercs like these?! I rarely see mercs with jester-ish face paint, skull tattoos, or crocodile skin conditions. The unique style is there more than ever. These characters uniqueness doesn't come from what they are wearing!! XD it comes from their volatile ass personalities. Those mini pissing contests Justice League or The Avengers have are nothing compared to these guys who would kill each other for the smallest of personal gain. Joker and Harley bring chaos, Diablo brings flames, Croc brings all his crocy goodness, Boomerang is still the most slimed weasel on the planet and Enchantress can still outberserk Joker. That is anything but generic!

I don't know how a movie with psychos being strapped to bombs and forced against their own voilition to run a suicide mission titled Suicide Suad can be improved upon by giving it a lighter campy tone instead of this. We've seen camp with Joker a million times. And we've seen slightly grittier like Ledger and to a certain degree Nicholson. That is what people want to see with these villains and especially with Joker. I'm so tired of Marvel's lukewarm villains. Step out of that comfort zone bud! There's plenty of room over here.

As for Joker, it's hard to tell but judging from his voice, it seemed kinda Ledger-y to me. That's a plus. I'm still on the fence about his appearance but it reassured me a bit more that his Joker wouldn't suck.

-Foxtrot2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I don't mean it like that, I'm not saying they look normal by generic I just mean they've been reduced to nothing compared to their comic counterparts. From what they are known as and comparing them to their counterparts they are not the same. The over the top costumes and style was part of the SS appeal along with their personalities as each one of them were different. You take one of those features away then it doesn't matter if they have the other one, both need to be present.

I grew up with these comics a lot and I'll tell you nothing there resembled what I read as a kid.

So of course it comes to what they are wearing and how they look as it gives them that appeal. What's the point calling it the SS when you could easily say this is a brand new original film.

We havent seen the Joker a million times. In films we've had three which have all been different but kept that Joker tone.

"seemed kinda Ledger-y to me"

WHAT? Nothing he did in that small clip was Heath like.

" can be improved upon by giving it a lighter campy tone instead of this."

A lot of ways. Colourful, over the top, exaggerated, not being grounded, less realistic and so on.

"I'm so tired of Marvel's lukewarm villains"

Nobody is talking about Marvel here...lets not try and turn this into something it's not

-Foxtrot2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

And? I've said this on a number of other sites and you get different reactions. Hell look at Crazay above, 3 disagrees for saying how he hopes there is a proper trailer for him to watch, kind of comes across that it's because he only said "No bad" instead of kissing it's backside.

So yeah kind of sad focusing on that man...of all things. Lets not forget people are sad enough to disagree with you because of past grudges....(mostly from N4G)

Off topic aswell.

RetrospectRealm2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

It's really not off topic. I'm pointing out that there is really no reason in defending your weird opinions when you already decided you didn't like the film when it was first announced and we didn't even know anything about it. Everyone else seems to agree that you're judging too much for a fuzzy leaked trailer.

This isn't Marvel. This is DC, they don't adapt stuff word for word and all that exactly. We should all know that now and stop complaining.

freshslicepizza2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

this is his style. he's a critic who loves to be pessimistic about 90% of the time. even when he does say something positive on those rare occasions there is still a nagging undertone of negativity to it.

he's that guy who can be at a music concert and everyone but him is enjoying themselves while he sits there and analyses everything. if the singer messes up one word or the guitarist is off-key for 5 seconds. he must be a real joy to hang out with.

you begin to wonder is he actually enjoys anything or just likes to seek attention. the crowd reaction says it all in that trailer and if he were there he would be quiet as a mouse. same thing occurred with mad max, 99% of the critics liked it...except him.

freshslicepizza2016d ago

ben afleck is wrong for the part of batman. the cast for the new spiderman is terrible. this isn't right, that doesn't make sense. give it up foxtrot, you're like a broken record who looks at everything with a half glass attitude. the crowd reaction says it all and once again you feel it's necessary to be that guy who almost never has anything good to say.

Porcelain_Chicken2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I'm kinda confused about your first paragraph to be honest. I've read all of the Task Force X stuff i could find (Legends being my fave) and this is pretty much them for the most part. Except for Enchantress and Deadshot's race they are all instantly recognisable. Joker heavily resembles the Joker from 'Endgame'. While Harley is just as colorful as ever wearing all those bright pinks and blues which showcases her bubbly personality quite well. Killer Croc is a spitting image from Arkham Origins minus a few feet and Katana is right off the comics. Chato Santano/El Diablo is very much left untouched aswell. The only one i saw really change was Boomerang who doesn't look half bad and still fits the character's personality perfectly. You mention personality which i quite frankly don't know how you were able to find conclusive information in a short blurry teaser that their personalities aren't right. :/

"WHAT? Nothing he did in that small clip was Heath like."

I meant the way he delivered the line, the voice.

"A lot of ways. Colourful, over the top, exaggerated, not being grounded, less realistic and so on."

Again, psychos being sent to their deaths. I'm extremely against adding color or humor or excessive drama just to meet a weird quota. Deadshot is wearing his signature colors, as are Boomerang, Joker, Harley, Diablo and Katana. Not sure how much brighter their costumes should be forced to be. As for realism, there's two characters in this who deal in dark magic. Not sure how realistic you think this is going to be.

"Nobody is talking about Marvel here..."

I am. Marvel's movie villains are very one note. Besides Kingpin and Loki. And to be honest i'm kinda sick of it. I'm all for allowing these characters to be something more than just cartoon villains. And if Captain Boomerang's colorful pajamas have to be sacrificed for it, so be it.

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dota2champion2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

looks okay. none of the characters intereste me other than the Joker and the batman cameo. ALso, why is it leaked? Why didn't they released it on the official youtube warner brothers channel?

Crazay2016d ago

Nope - supposed to be con exclusive. I know...lame ass move by the studio.

WizzroSupreme2016d ago

This looks fantastic – blew my zero expectations away.

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