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New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic Con Trailer Doesn’t Disappoint

EB: Warner Bros. Pictures has posted a near 3-minute trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which just recently aired at the SDCC 2015 DC panel. All I can say is that it’s much better than the first and paints a very clear picture of what the flick will be all about, and why Batman isn’t a big fan of the Man of Steel.

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Porcelain_Chicken2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Holy sh**********t!!!!!!! :O that was friggin amazing! Didn't disappoint indeed. Wonder Woman and Batman look incredible! Kryptonite!! General Zod! AAAAAAAAAHHHH!

They scene with Bruce running down the street during the final battle of Man of Steel, him hugging the little girl...Mage stuff goosebumps are made of!

dota2champion2022d ago

Looks great. Can't wait for this

-Foxtrot2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Looks good but the miscast actors still look out of place. Henry looks fab as always

Affleck I can most likely warm to but the others

Jessie...I'm sorry but all I see is him, not Lex

Gal...not a lot to go on but she doesn't come across as Wonder Woman. Still looks off for the role.

Soldierone2021d ago

The only one that felt a little off for me was Lex. I love Jessie as an actor, but he feels too young and needs to be bald.

I thought Gal looked great though!

-Foxtrot2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

After seeing a lot of his films Jessie has two types of people he can play

The lovable nerd, innocent guy, guy in the wrong place at wrong time. Zombieland, Adventureland, 30 Minutes or Less

The other is an arrogant d*** who is cocky. Social Network, Now You See Me, The Double.

You can pretty much group his films in those two categorises. In the end none of them are what Lex Luthor is and his age along with his looks kill it for me. After Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, he is probably the second miscast character in this whole universe.

Gal looks pretty but as WW she's just not doing it for me. Too skinny still and hasn't got that fierce Amazonian look.

She looks like she's doing a Xena: Warrior Princess remake. Her acting isn't very good in general aswell. Like I've said if they were going to get a bad actresses why not Gina Carno who actually looks like Wonder Woman.

Soldierone2021d ago

Finally we get to see WW in action! The trailer also had a quick shot of underwater, I'm assuming it was hinting at Aqua Man!

WizzroSupreme2021d ago

It sure doesn't, though I don't know what my expectations were to begin with. I'm in it for Batffleck. There. I said it.

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