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Batman: The Killing Joke is WB's Next Animated Movie

From Cinelinx:

DC Comics and WB have been making some of the best animated movies around and most of them seem to fly under the radar. These movies normally take a major storyline from the comics and bring them to life in a "direct-to-DVD" animated movie, but like I said they are really good. The next one on their list is going to be one of the most famous Batman stories in comics, The Killing Joke.

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04roacht2020d ago

I'm glad. The Killing Joke is an epic story. I think Alan Moore is a fantastic writer.

WizzroSupreme2019d ago

Wow, this is gonna be the darkest animated movie WB's ever backed I bet.

ironfist922019d ago

Wonder if Mark Hamill will return for one last laugh

maniacmayhem2019d ago many DC animated movies of Batman are we going to get? Green Lantern? Blue Beetle? Agents of SHADE? Wonder Woman? Enough with Batman already.

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