Marc Webb Wanted Venom In The Amazing Spider-Man 3

CB: For the first time since being ousted from Spider-Man, director Marc Webb discusses the newest Spider-Man director Jon Watts and what he would've done with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 if Sony hadn't rebooted Spidey.

Webb expressed his excitement for seeing Spidey joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and giving his endorsement to the director that will helm Marvel's new take on Spidey. "Jon Watts who is directing it, I knew him from the old music video days," Webb told MTV. "He had done some really fantastic music videos. It's super-exciting and you know, it's sad a little bit to surrender that in a way but it as it must be, I guess."

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04roacht2025d ago

I wouldn't have wanted to have seen Venom again.

Benchm4rk2021d ago

Still mad i wont get to see TASM3. I really enjoyed the first 2. I dont understand why they couldn't make it. Andrew Garfield was awesome as Peter Parker/Spidey

aDDicteD2019d ago

apparently amazing spiderman 3 will not happen anymore because of the failure of the second installment.

andrew garfield did good as spiderman but when marvel took over it meant the end of this franchise which is 2/3 complete and again this will all be rebooted over again.