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7 ‘Batman’ Stories For When Ben Affleck Becomes The Dark Knight’s New Director


Ben Affleck isn’t just Batman. He’s also the man behind Batman, according to reports that the Oscar-winning filmmaker will step behind the lens for the Caped Crusader’s next solo film.

Here’s the scoop: Affleck is supposedly starring in, directing and co-writing the next “Batman” movie, with DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns joining in on writing duties. That’s an all-star team-up for fans, and it’s one that presents Affleck with a whole lot of possibilities.

Affleck directing and writing the next “Batman” movie remains unconfirmed for now, but in case it does happen, here are a few story ideas for the Batfleck to ponder:

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04roacht2028d ago

I would love something based off The Killing Joke but that probably wouldn't happen.