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411Mania Review: Minions

411Mania/Terry Lewis: Terry’s confession time – I really don’t get how Universal’s Minions characters are so popular. I understand why as they’re are child friendly characters and easily marketable with plenty of toys and tie-in products to keep them amused, but you see fully grown adults posting memes on social media, playing with numerous apps and so on too. After seeing them in the disappointing Despicable Me, I thought I was one and done with the Minions as they didn’t show me anything apart from being yellow and silly. But whilst a spin-off about them a short while ago would have had me climbing the walls, Illumination Entertainment have managed to pull off an entertaining call-back to the level of disposable chaotic cartoon fun that modern day children’s animated movies lack and finally gives the Minions some meaning rather than a cheap marketing ploy.

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