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The Spoils Before Dying: “That’s Jazz” Review - AVClub

AVClub: “It took me one night to write my novel, The Spoils Before Dying,” Eric Jonrosh intones as he introduces the fourth episode. Maybe that’s why so little of the story—or even the timeline—makes sense.

In “Murder In B-Flat,” Detectives Biggs and Donwelly offered jazz pianist Rock Banyon three days—“Two days,” “Well, counting today,” “Three total, I guess?”—to close the case on the murder of sultry singer Fresno Foxglove and world-class scientist Wilbur Stygamiun, and the clock is ticking on the jazzman. Since Monday morning, Rock has kited off to Actual Mexico City, toured the world with Delores DeWinter, come back to Los Angeles, performed on Artie Mann’s Jazz Party, contacted a member of L.A.’s hommo-sexual liberation movement, been accused of a third murder, and questioned several acquaintances of the dead men. And all by Friday morning.

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