Comedy Bang Bang: “Michael Cera Wears A Yellow Collared Shirt And White Sneakers” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Despite (or perhaps because of) its prolific output, Comedy Bang! Bang! has not changed much during its four-season existence. For all 70 episodes so far aired, Reggie Watts created all of Bang! Bang!’s music—disjointed jams perfectly matched to the off-kilter nature of the show. But beyond just music, Reggie was a comedic ballast and foil to Aukerman. In short, it often felt like Watts made the show what it was. When he got tapped as the bandleader for The Late Late Show (the first in that show’s history), many wondered what would become of both the podcast and the show. “Michael Cera Wears AYellow Collared Shirt And White Sneakers,” the first without Watts, was the an opportunity to find out.

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