Marvel CCO Teases New Spider-Man Costume Design; 'It's Going To Blow People Away'


The Chief Creative Officer at Marvel Entertainment has confirmed seeing the new Spider-Man suit that Tom Holland will wear in the new solo movie if not in Captain America: Civil War.

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-Foxtrot2029d ago

Don't really know how you can blow people away with the same old red and blue costume.

If you change it then people are only going to complain.

If it aint broke...

RetrospectRealm2028d ago

It's a reboot. They are obligated to change it or people will complain.

No sense in complaining before it's even revealed. Lol

-Foxtrot2028d ago

They don't have to change it where it's totally different. What they going to do? Have a yellow and blue suit instead or green and white.

The Amazing Spidermans costume was not all that different to the Spiderman one.

Crazay2028d ago

What if it was similar to Spider-Man noir? hahahha. I'd actually like to see a movie done in that version of Spidey.

-Foxtrot2028d ago

They'll go with the six arm suit


Just to troll