Comic Con: Wesley Snipes On ‘Blade’ Marvel Talks, ‘The Player’ & Spike Lee

In an interview with Deadline about his new TV series The Player, Wesley Snipes also opened up about his future with Marvel Studios, and revealed something very interesting indeed: he's already had talks about returning as Blade.

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-Foxtrot1974d ago

I love him in the role and I love the Blade films but his time has passed. If we didn't have the Marvel cinematic universe fair enough but it's grown now and I would like a Blade to be established in it. Like I said to someone on here a day or so ago I would like to see a Netflix series set in Britain. This would lead the door open for British superheroes like Captain Britain and the like to come into the Marvel Universe.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31973d ago

No way, bring Snipes back. If any other actor were to try to fill the role it would just seem like a cheap imitation. He'll, I'd be down to see Kristofferson return.