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Despite Marvel Studios' impressive record of releasing blockbuster films based on superheroes, there were still many skeptics when it came to their latest project: Ant-Man. Though the company was able to turn Guardians of the Galaxy, a cult favorite team at best, into a worldwide phenomenon, it was still hard to imagine how they would make a movie about a guy who shrinks and talks to ants successful.

We may need to just give Marvel Studios our complete and undying faith and trust from now on as Ant-Man is yet another solid and exciting entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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sagesurge2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Lazy writing, lazy villains, no conflict and one-dimensional characters. The only saving grace of the movie was the diverse cast, humor and tons of cameos. Looking forward to Civil War though, which I hope doesn't become X-Men 3. Let's cast Corey Stoll and render his acting abilities useless, instead of casting Bobby Cannavale in Daredevil let's make him a bumbling cop. This movie should have been on Netflix.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32028d ago

Yeah, I'm always kind of weary of MCU films. Is this really going to be the next Guardians or is it just the latest property they are trying to pawn off on fans? I feel that generally critics are a lot more forgiving of their flaws then they would be of other movies that commit the same sins. One review says that 90 minutes of the film are dedicated to exposition. That's over half the damn movie!

That being said I am still excited for Civil War.

matthewbatb2029d ago

Can't wait to see Ant-Man

rbailey2029d ago

Looking forward to seeing this next week.

pompombrum2028d ago

I still don't see how they can make a compelling popcorn movie based on Ant-Man. The only remotely interesting thing about the movie for me is the cast.

joeorc2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Well just remembered Ant-Man's abilities are mainly from stealth and infiltration perspective.

Ant-Man tries to avoid combat, not that he cannot do such, since Ant-Man is also Giant Man his size changing Abilities are used for unique purpose depending on the situations.

This movie deals with mainly the stealth and or infiltration. If he was going into.Giant Man persona it of course be different movie.

I think because the "Name of the character" being what it is, has always had a negatively bearing on perceptions of the character which would already have a much harder time being a big hit movie and it still may have that effect.

What the same view of GoftG had some people may have viewed it as such of "who or what are these" characters.

Marvel fans may view the characters or character a tier/2 or 3/hero. That does not mean there cannot be a great or compelling or at the very least an entertaing movie. It seems the many early reviews for the movie are and have been positive, so its one + going into the movie it seems.

When in the Abilities and experience of the character has a real bearing on what he would be doing in such a movie. I mean think about the Movie or the TV show the Saint.

Or heist caper.

Many Times the goal is to avoid direct combat, that does not mean you cannot have a good movie.