New Images of the Batman Armor from Batman v Superman


One of the most highly anticipated panels of this year’s Comic-Con is undoubtedly Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while the presentation doesn’t take the Hall H stage until Saturday, the film is being showcased in a big way on the convention floor. Batman’s armored suit, as seen in the teaser trailer, is on full display at the moment, and Steve was able to snap a few images of the fortified Batsuit.

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Crazay2018d ago

seriously annoying this site today - anyone else getting errors when posting articles and adding images?

Aldous_Snow2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I could be wrong, but if the images "belong" to that site then they can (if they wish) disable the embedding code thing to stop the images being used elsewhere

Edit: Nevermind. I see it happening on a few diff websites you posted from. Probably a filmwatch error. The whole filmwatch/N4G sites has been really wierd lately, especially N4G

Crazay2018d ago

Ya it's been squirrely for sure as of late.

RetrospectRealm2018d ago

No I think it's this site. This happens every once and a while. You just have to add the image like again and again till it works.

dota2champion2018d ago

All superman gotta do is push Batman straight through the mouth

Crazay2018d ago

LOL. fight's over. Nothing to see here.