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The Walkers Prepare To Attack In New Fear the Walking Dead Promos


AMC has released 3 short promos for their upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off, giving us our first proper glimpse of the initial wave of Walkers as they shuffle towards their intended victims in the "Pool, "Neighbourhood", and "Skate Park." Click on to take a look...

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Crazay2019d ago

So excited for this. Can't wait for it to hit the airwaves

Aldous_Snow2019d ago

One month to go.. Going to be good!!

TheOpenWorlder2019d ago

So basically this is a show filled with actors that weren't good enough to make it on the real show...damn that blows.

At least they got some work and pay out of a crappy spin-off prequel.

Varzoth2019d ago

How do you know it's crappy when it hasn't even aired yet?