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Comic-Con: Halle Berry On Shattering Stereotypes, ‘Extant’ & ‘Storm’ Movie


As far as Comic-Con royalty goes, few have as many jewels in their crown as the Oscar winner. Halle Berry has been frequent visitor to the San Diego Convention Center with features like 2003’s Gothika and her Storm role in the X-Men franchise. Now starring in CBS’ Extant, the Monster’s Ball actress returns Thursday after a 2-year absence from SDCC for the debut panel of her sci-fi series, which just had its Season 2 premiere on July 1. The Extant panel is part of a multi-show multi-hour presentation that CBS is putting on that also includes the Bradley Cooper produced upcoming TV version of Limitless plus Under The Dome, Zoo and Scorpion. Berry is also expected to appear at Fox’s big screen July 11 panel where 15-years after the first X-Men flick laid some of the foundations of the superhero movie resurrection, footage from the home entertainment X-Men: Days of Future Past – The Rogue Cut will be shown. The Rogue Cut also has a full screening that night at San Diego’s Reading Theatre.

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